The Girl Talk Difference 

There are many wonderful organizations working to combat a range of issues affecting young girls. We applaud them, because we know that these problems are all too prevalent for girls at a young age. What we do at Girl Talk is different.

Our mission is help young girls build self-esteem, develop leadership skills, and recognize the value of community service. Our program provides the opportunity for the girls involved to not only improve themselves but to also improve the world around them. We believe that all girls seek understanding, kindness, and compassion, and that receiving these things from their peers, in the midst of their formative years, has a tremendous influence on the female leaders they will become.

Our unique model provides an extensive curriculum including lessons, activities, and other resources, to assist high school girls in guiding middle school girls, at no cost.  The curriculum is in no way a counseling or intervention services.  Instead, it serves as a basis for conversations and interactions that are the starting point for making an impact on a young girl in her own community. 

Our commitment is to make this program available to all girls. The issues facing the age group we serve cross socioeconomic, ethnic, cultural, religious and other boundaries by which these girls might otherwise be divided.  We do this by ensuring that all of our materials are available at no cost and online. 

"Many lives are impacted when one influences a woman...especially a young woman."  -Girl Talk