Help While You Shop

We are excited to tell you that you can help Girl Talk while shopping online!  We have partnered with several websites that will donate a portion of the proceeds of your online shopping purchase to Girl Talk!  It's giving that's fun & easy!


Natural Life
Whenever you buy something from Natural Life's apparel line, they will pour 10% of the proceeds into organizations like Girl Talk!

Shop with over 2,400 popular online retailers and have a percent of every purchase go to Girl Talk.

Shop at more than 600 retails through the Socialvest website, accrue a percentage of your purchase in your personal “giving account,” and designate those funds to Girl Talk.

Amazon Smile

Shop at Amazon and give back to Girl Talk! Simply log on to and select "Girl Talk, Inc." under "Charitable Organizations". Then start shopping! 0.05% of your purchases will go towards Girl Talk! 

Ebay Giving Works
eBay Giving Works is the dedicated program for charity listings on eBay, enabling you to list items on eBay and donate part or all of the final sale price to Girl Talk.

Turn your antiques, PDAs, baseball cards and more into support for Girl Talk!  You can list almost anything of value so get rid of things you don't need and do some good at the same time!

Your listings will stand out from other items on eBay with a special Giving Works icon and you can donate as little as 10% or as much as 100% of your eBay sale price.  All donations are tax-deductible.