How it Works

Girl Talk is a national peer-to-peer mentoring program led by high school girls for middle school girls that is available to all girls at no cost.  The high school girls are the Leaders of this program, with support and encouragement from a required adult female Advisor (who can be a teacher, counselor, parent, college student or other adult who wants to help make Girl Talk a success).  Most often, high school girls are the ones who bring Girl Talk to their school or community, because they understand from experience what a difference it will make to younger middle school girls to have someone to talk to and look up to about the issues they are dealing with during this time in their lives, and they appreciate how fulfilling it will be to let these girls know they’re okay just the way they are, and they’re not alone in facing all the challenges of being a middle school girl!

Here’s how it works:

  • A high school girl, or an interested adult (middle school counselor, teacher, or administrator; youth group or club leader, team coach, or concerned mom looking for a way improve the self-esteem and confidence of the middle school girls in their midst during a challenging developmental time by giving them older peer mentors to talk to and look up to, a forum in which to talk about the issues they face, and a chance to establish a positive and caring playing field of relationships among them) decides to start a Girl Talk Chapter by finding one high school girl to lead, one adult to advise, at least one middle school girl to attend, and a place to meet (school, church, club, home . . .).
  • The high school girl (“Girl Talk Leader”) and adult advisor (“Girl Talk Advisor”) visit this website ( to learn more details, especially through the Girl Talk Handbook, accessible online.  They then go to the Start Your Chapter Here section to enter necessary Chapter and contact information as the first step towards registering their Chapter.
  • Once the online information entry is successfully completed, the high school Leader and adult Advisor will receive a Chapter confirmation code for inclusion on the high school Leader and adult Advisor Contracts they will need to sign and return to Girl Talk (via scan/upload or email if possible, or regular mail) with required ID copies to complete their registration.  The high school Leader and adult Advisor will then be notified that their Chapter is approved, and they will be given access via username and password to the Leader Login section of the website where all the materials necessary to run their Chapter are available.
  • Each month, high school Chapter Leaders must submit a monthly report of their Chapter activities to Girl Talk.  This allows Girl Talk to share ideas and best practices across our network of Chapters, and monitor where we can improve and augment our program to better serve girls everywhere.  This report is completed via Leader Login, where high school Leaders can also apply for scholarships, learn about other leadership opportunities, and participate in the Girl Talk family community via blogs, forums, and other tools we use to connect the wonderful people involved with Girl Talk!