Inspiring Feedback & Reviews

“Even the closest of parent child relationships can benefit from this book. The more we listen, the more we help to raise a generation of self empowered, confident women.”
—Lucy Danziger, SELF Magazine Editor-in-Chief and author of The Drop 10 Diet and The Nine Rooms of Happiness.

The Drama Years is a great overall primer for anyone with a young teen girl in her life. And the girls will love reading it too! I will highly recommend it to the parents, teachers, and girls I work with.”
—Rosalind Wiseman, author of Queen Bees and Wannabes

“Sound advice that will help parents to support their tween daughters… [a] practical guide to navigating the tumultuous teens.”  
—Publishers Weekly

"Pre-teen years are so tough for girls, and adults often aren't sure how best to help. Thankfully, we have the middle school and high school girls who share their hearts and minds in these pages to guide us, telling parents exactly what will help them survive The Drama Years."
—Julie Foudy, former captain US Women's Soccer Team and Founder of Julie Foudy Sports Leadership Academy

The Drama Years is a wonderful, compassionate and extremely helpful book. It is a must for any parent with a middle school age daughter. Haley Kilpatrick tells it exactly – word for word – as it is. She understands what they are going through, and she gives truly helpful and specific advice. The book is upbeat while at the same time it deals with all of the toughest issues that young teenage girls must face. All parents of young teen girls will love it.”
—Anthony E. Wolf, Ph.D., author of Get Out of My Life, But First Could you Drive Me & Cheryl to the Mall?

The Drama Years is filled with heart-stirring stories, just-been-there advice from recent teens and practical, actionable tips for parents. It's full of real girls talking about everything from stress and body image to love and materialism. Reading this book, I cringed in recognition of my own drama years, just wishing this book had been around back then and so grateful I'll have it as a guide for my own daughter.”   
—Melissa Walker, co-founder of I Heart Daily and author of Small Town Sinners

“A must-read for any parent struggling to understand her tween daughter and all the ‘drama’ in her life.  Haley Kilpatrick tells it from a girl's perspective with real solutions for grownups.”
—Chandra Turner, executive editor, Parents magazine

“I've spent the past 4 years reading different books for parents of girls and selecting books to give to my daughters to help them deal with the drama in their life. This book is by far the BEST book I have found for parents. It gives real life examples from real kids so you can see their point of view and it gives suggestions from teens as to how they wish their parents had handled their drama situations when they were younger. It is very easy to read and understand and stays on topic to keep your interest without going into too much detail or offering unrealistic advice. It's a book to read cover to cover and then keep it on your nightstand so you can refer to it as different dramas pop up in your daughter's life. Reading viewpoints from real tweens helps you realize as a parent how the drama can affect your daughter's life and it's a great reminder that even if you think she is upset about something that seems trivial to you - it is real to her.”
—Brandi, review

“A really helpful read. Would recommend to anyone with a middle school girl or one soon approaching those years. Easy, informative read with lots of input from middle school girls, high school girls(about what helped them), and parents. Kilpatrick shares her story about her middle school challenges and what led to the creation of Girl Talk. She really has useful ideas for parents to consider to help their girls navigate the tricky world of middle school.”
—Lynne, review

“Wished I had read this book 3 years ago instead of the last month of my daughter's eighth grade year - it would have helped with a lot of issues that came up! A must read for anyone that has a 6,7,8th grade age daughter.”
—Denise, review

“Great for parents with girls going off to middle school. Gave me some great tips on handling situations I will faced with in the upcoming years. Middle school is nothing like it was when I was there.”
—Carol, review

“I highly recommend this book to anyone with a daughter in middle school. It really helps make sense of their behavior and has given me some really good ideas for parenting.”
—Kim, review

 “I just received this book today and upon first read, I'm blown away. The authors clearly have taken the time to deeply sympathize with the young women they have spoken with, and are telling incredible stories using their voices. I myself was never a middle school girl (I'm male), but I feel like I have been given insight into that painful, awkward world not just through these wonderfully articulate authors but perhaps more importantly, the words of these young women themselves.
With insightful yet heart-breaking quotes from the tweens and teens ("Every girl in this school wants to be someone else") I got a sense that middle school has become much harder than when I was a kid. I don't think the term "frenemy" even existed then and you certainly couldn't google "how to kiss"! The good news is that the girls (and the authors) give practical advice for how to help your daughter through this difficult period of her life. A great read.”
—Lodro, review

“I am the father of a sixth grade girl just starting into these years and needed some extra guidance on this subject. I must say that Haley provides not only the answers to the questions I had; but also covers areas that I had not thought about myself. The book is a must read for anyone who has a daughter dealing with these sometimes difficult times in her life. I thoroughly enjoyed the authors real life experiences and could not put the book down, finding it fascinating to hear "dead on" what she is currently going through in her life. Loved It!!! 5 Stars*****”
—Hammering, review

“The Drama Years is an excellent book looking into the many issues our middle school girls face today. As a middle school teacher, I see these problems throughout my entire school on a daily basis. Not only are the problems the girls are facing destructive to forming and keeping positive relationships, the drama is negatively impacting their personal education and is consuming instructional time. T...he Drama Years speaks about the new technology such as texting and facebook and how these are also adding to the already difficult years.
Fortunately, this book does not only focus on the hardships of middle school, but offers a solution through "Girl Talk". The three goals Kilpatrick has outlined in the book and through her program are effective in helping young teens face the drama years. I am a strong believer in my students having an older mentor, being involved in an activity, and giving a helping hand.
As a middle school teacher, older cousin, and mentor I am ecstatic to get a chapter of Girl Talk in my school and community as well as share this book with teachers and friends. This is a must read for anyone who interacts with middle school girls!”
—Meredith Cox- M.Ed. Vanderbilt University, Middle School Teachers, Behaviorist, review

“I just finished The Drama Years and consider it to be a must read for students, parents, youth leaders and anyone else who interacts with middle school girls on a regular basis. It is not only full of the real stuff that makes the middle school years "The Drama Years" but it also offers practical advice as well as actions that could be very effective in managing the storms of that short but very powerful period of a girl's life. Parents: buy for your elementary age student and read together then reread in middle school! Youth Leaders with a focus on "kindness, authenticity, and humility", The Drama Years would be a great study for mid-hi small groups. And I would think this book would be an excellent tool for middle school teachers. It certainly would serve as a reminder of what at least some of their student population is experiencing and perhaps what obstacles there maybe to concepts being learned. I don't know whether or not there is a comparable book for middle school boys but there should be!”
—Bcheek, review

“I am an actual middle schooler.The book gave me loads of advice!The sad thing was I read most of it in the summer.It had more detailed explainations that other books.I (and most pre-teens) could not talk about our lives ,like the author does in Girl Talk.”
—Eliza, review

“Incredible. Haley did an amazing job of covering the issues middle school girls today face in a way that is engaging and understandable. Different from other parenting/advice books in that it gives you the perspective OF THE GIRLS instead of adult "experts" who claim to know what girls less than half their age are thinking. a MUST READ for anyone who deals with middle school young women, be it parents, mentors, teachers, counselors, aunts, grandparents or anyone!
It's not just for moms either! Dads, you'd do well to learn a little bit about the pre-teen and teenage girl mind! It can be a scary thing to navigate without help!”
—Anonymous, review