Haley Kilpatrick has the rare ability to connect equally well with the adolescent girls she is dedicated to serving and the parents, teachers, and counselors who face their challenges with them every day.  Her positive and real world discussions about the girls’ perspective on the world they are trying to navigate, and ways to ensure that they can weather that journey, make her a coveted speaker at schools, youth groups, and teacher, parent, and counselor forums.  She has a unique way of making the girls she speaks to understand that they are not alone, that she was in their very shoes, and that there is great light at the end of any tunnel they might find themselves in during this sometimes confusing time in their lives.  At the same time, her years of experience with girls through Girl Talk make her a rare expert in understanding their world and translating it for the understanding of the adults in their lives.  She specializes in very interactive and hands-on speaking engagements with audiences both young and old on topics surrounding her passion for helping young women build self-esteem and leadership skills through peer mentoring and community service.  Her perspective resonates with all that listen to her because she approaches the caretaking of our adolescent girls’ development as a caring and passionate advocate and friend.  Few girls that meet her do not end up counting her as a role model, and few adults do not wish that she were the peer mentor in their daughters’ lives.  Haley is authentic, kind, and positive – and her presentations provide as much hope as insight to those interested in the future of young women.  

Haley is available by appointment as her schedule permits.  Please fill out a Speaker Request Form to inquire about speaking engagements.  In addition, please visit the speaking testimonials page to hear from those who have already been fortunate enough to have shared some time with Haley.