Glossary of Terms

Advisor Contract - Contract that is signed by all Girl Talk Adult Advisors before their Chapter can be approved.  The contract is a document that shows their level of commitment to Girl Talk and to supporting their Girl Talk Leader(s).  In addition to supporting Girl Talk, the Advisor also agrees that she has not been convicted of a felony and has the girls’ best interest at heart.  Each Advisor is required to submit a signed copy to Girl Talk along with a copy of a photo ID.

Girl Talk Advisor -  An adult female who is committed to supporting Girl Talk Leaders by being present at all Girl Talk events, helping to coordinate when needed, and encouraging her Leaders.  A Girl Talk Chapter Advisor also holds the Leaders accountable to the rules in the Girl Talk Leadership Contract and to their community service requirements.

Girl Talk Chapter – Each individual Girl Talk group that meets on a regular basis to engage in our program is called a “Chapter.”  Some schools have multiple Chapters for different grades or meeting at different times.  Each Chapter requires a high school Leader, an adult female Advisor, and at least one middle school girl to attend.  Want to start one in your community?  Visit Start a Chapter Here!

Girl Talk Girl -  This is another name for each middle school girl who attends Girl Talk each week.

Girl Talk Gives Back – Girl Talk Gives Back is a program initiated to help Girl Talk participants help Girl Talk continue to reach middle school girls with its free program by having their community service hours sponsored by family and friends.  All funds go to support the Girl Talk mission, while the community benefits from the girls’ volunteer time!  

Girl Talk Handbook
– Girl Talk’s Handbook is a guide for potential Girl Talk Leaders on how to start a Chapter in their community, the level of commitment required, and how to promote and manage a successful Chapter.  We encourage the girls to print the Girl Talk Handbook from their computers.  A high quality, color copy, bound version is also available for purchase for $75 each.  The handbook can be purchased by clicking the Girl Talk Store icon.  Please note that the Handbook is available online at no cost.

Girl Talk Leader - A high school girl in grades 9-12 who has completed the Chapter Application Process and whose local Girl Talk Chapter has been approved.  A Girl Talk Leader hosts weekly Girl Talk meetings for one hour and uses her own creativity, as well as Girl Talk resources, to be an effective mentor to middle school girls.  She must also complete 10 hours of community service outside of Girl Talk each semester and is eligible for Girl Talk Scholarships.

Girl Talk’s Complete Curriculum Book
- Girl Talk’s 250 page curriculum book comes complete with all of our Leader Lessons and corresponding Worksheets.  The book is high quality, printed in color, tabbed and bound.  We learned through a period of rapid growth that some schools would rather purchase a tangible book than download the Lessons each week.  If you choose  to purchase one, each book is $450.  To purchase our complete Curriculum Book, please click on the Girl Talk Store icon.  Please note that all of the resources in this book are available online at no cost.

Leader Lessons - Girl Talk has more than 100 Lessons for our Leaders to choose from.  The Lessons include topics such as Gossip, Community Service, Being Nice, Bullying, and Healthy Eating.  Each Lesson opens with a fun icebreaker and is then broken into five steps (Share, Show, Know, Grow and Go) and concludes with a weekly challenge pertaining to that week’s Lesson.  The Lessons are designed to be completed in an hour and help the Leader initiate conversation and share specific stories with the girls. Girl Talk Leaders and Advisors access these Lessons via Leader Login using their username and password.

Leader Login- This section of the website is for approved Chapters’ Girl Talk Leaders and Advisors only.  Through our Leader Login section, Leaders and Advisors access and download their weekly Leader Lessons and Worksheets, apply for scholarships, post ideas and ask questions of other Girl Talk Chapters across the country, upload Chapter photos, submit their Monthly Reports, and download “Girl Talk Graphics” to design their own flyers, stationery, business cards, t-shirts, etc.  Girl Talk is able to operate very cost efficiently because all of our materials and resources are downloadable online.

Leadership Contract
- Contract that is signed by all Girl Talk Leaders before their Chapter can be approved.  The contract is a document that shows their level of commitment to bettering the lives of middle school girls in their community, and that holds them accountable to the high standards fit for a role model. Each Leader is required to submit a signed copy to Girl Talk along with a copy of a photo ID.

Lesson Worksheets - Each Girl Talk Lesson has a Middle School Girl Worksheet that corresponds with each topic.  The Worksheets have room for your Girl Talk Girls to take notes, write questions they may have and/or write things that you shared with them to use later for inspiration.  Encourage your “Girls” to purchase a binder or folder to keep their Worksheets in. *Tip:  Consider offering a special surprise to the “Girl” who has the most worksheets at the end of the year.  This will help them stay organized and remind them to reference their Worksheets in times of need.

Project Inside Out
– Girl Talk’s amazing Atlanta-based, week-long summer day camp for middle school girls!  You do not need to be a member of a Girl Talk Chapter to participate.  Project Inside Out features time for topical discussions, amazing and inspirational speakers, community service, friendship-building activities, and lots of FUN all with the help of tremendous Girl Talk Leader counselors!  More information is available on our Camps page.  Scholarship applications are available.

T.H.I.N.K. – T.H.I.N.K. is Girl Talk’s acronym for what we should ask our selves before we talk, text, or type:  Is what I am saying True, Helpful, Important, Necessary, and Kind?  Girl Talk as expanded T.H.I.N.K. into a campaign that is equally applicable to boys and girls, old and young, school, home, and church.  Want to spread the word about in your community?  Visit our T.H.I.N.K. page for more information about this program and available materials.