Girl Talk Toolbox

This “toolbox” is intended to provide you with everything you might need to consider and pursue starting a Chapter.  Everything you need once your Chapter has been approved and is already underway is available in the password-protected section of our Web site called Leader Login.  There is ALWAYS a link to Leader Login in the boxes on the right side of our Web site pages!

  • Want to understand how it works and what you can expect?  Read How it Works.
  • Want to learn more about how to start a chapter and what will be required of you?  Read the Girl Talk Handbook.
  • Want to see all the topics available in our current curriculum of lessons?  Read the list of Curriculum Topics.
  • Want to read a detailed description of expectations and rewards you can expect as a Leader or Advisor?  Check out our list of Expectations and Rewards.
  • Want to see an example of a Typical Meeting?
  • Need to view or print a Leader Contract?
  • Need to view or print an Advisor Contract?
  • Want to introduce Girl Talk to your school, youth group, or club, and need a great presentation to help you do it?  Use our Introducing Girl Talk Power Point document.
  • Want to share a short and powerful video explanation of what Girl Talk is all about?  Use our Public Service Announcement.
  • Want to explain Girl Talk, and ways people in your community can get involved, on one page that you could also use as a handout?  Use our Girl Talk 101 document.
  • Want to learn Girl Talk lingo or confused by one of the terms we’re using on this site?  Check out our Glossary of Terms.
  •  Ready to start YOUR Chapter?  Go to Start Your Chapter Here!  We can’t wait to celebrate yours as the latest Chapter in the Girl Talk family!