"Project Inside Out was one of the best summer experiences of my life. My favorite time of day at the camp was reflection time. This was a small time set aside at the end of the day for campers and counselors to reflect on anything that had inspired them so far during Project Inside Out. By reflection time on the last day of camp, I saw girls enthusiastically telling stories that I could never have imagined being brave enough to speak in front of the whole camp. I will never forget when one 6th grade girl went up to the microphone and said that I had inspired her. As I heard how I impacted this young girl, I began to see how much this young girl impacted me in return. Project Inside Out was inspiring, encouraging, and fun! I learned what it was like to be a role model. I learned what it was like to be the best me that I could be."
- Hallie Alpern, Project Inside Out Counselor & Girl Talk Leader

"Girl Talk Camp is so much fun, absolutely the best camp I've ever been to. All of the counselors are really fun and understanding and the activities build your character and you don't even realize it! You walk out of camp feeling like the queen of the world and wonder where along the line that happened. It's the type of environment that you're instantly comfortable in. You have no choice but to open up and show you're true colors. I love Girl Talk camp and most definitely intend on going next year!"
- Sydney Coleman, Project Inside Out Camper, 7th Grade

"Project Inside Out was truly one of the best experiences of my life. It taught me to love and respect my inner beauty. During the course of that week, I made so many new friends both in middle school and high school. Every day was a new experience and was always fun! After each day, we would stand up in front of everyone and share a funny memory or thank a special counselor. We played the most fun games (which I taught to my other friends) and we learned a fun dance. After the week was over, I felt like I had met lifelong friends. I will always remember Project Inside Out because it made me realize that I am beautiful on the inside and outside!"
- Katie Cross, Project Inside Out Camper, 8th Grade

Girl Talk truly has touched my heart from watching it work its magic on young ladies in our community. This summer at a Project Inside Out Girl Talk Camp I observed one young lady I have known for two years and have always tried get eye contact from when saying “hello”. Her shoulders were always hunched over, head down with eyes to the floor. For those two years upon being spoken to, her head would raise but never eye contact. Imagine my amazement when I arrived to the camp mid-week and there was that very same young lady standing at a microphone in front of 70 of her peers confidently speaking and laughing! Also as powerful was watching the “popular” girls cheering and embracing a girl they had barely even noticed the past two years they had been in classes together. The tears streamed down my face knowing Girl Talk touched her life and quite possibly changed her path and future! As a mother of two young daughters I want this program available to them, their peers, and generations to come. Please join us in helping young ladies around the world become ladies filled with character and confidence.
- Julie Huff, Project Inside Out Volunteer & Mother of a Girl Talk Girl & Camper

This summer I was a counselor for Project Inside Out, a one week camp where middle school girls learned about how to deal with or approach situations that can happen during middle school. The girls learned a lot about self expression, positive attitudes and being a leader; even the counselors were inspired! At the end of the day everyone took home a great lesson. The girls were able to express themselves in arts & crafts, dance and by participating in the daily "Impact Sessions." On the last day of the camp we were able to do community service projects all around Atlanta to show the girls that it is important to be active in your community. I believe this camp would be a positive experience for all middle school girls.
- Jessica Johnson, Project Inside Out Counselor & Girl Talk Leader, 10th Grade

"Project Inside Out Camp was absolutely the most awesome week I have ever had. Those girls were in a cocoon when they arrived on Monday and by Friday they became the most beautiful butterflies you had ever seen. I am looking forward to participating at the camp in 2010."
- Debbie Lentz, Project Inside Out Volunteer & Mother of a Girl Talk Leader & Camp Counselor

I had the privilege of counseling at last year’s Project Inside Out. Words cannot even begin to describe the awesome time I experienced at this camp. I had always had a heart for Girl Talk, but after I spent this one-on-one time with the girls I realized just how much this amazing organization means to me. On my first day of camp, I was extremely nervous about meeting the girls, but by the end of the week we had all become more than friends -- it was almost as if we were family! If you have heard about Girl Talk's Project Inside Out and are possibly thinking about attending next year, I strongly urge you to do so! Through this camp, I have seen girls transformed from shy, unspoken individuals to vibrant, outgoing butterflies in a matter of days! I can't wait to go back next year and give other girls a desire to inspire!
- Lauren Stotler, Girl Talk Leader & Project Inside Out Counselor, 12th grade