National Girl Talk Leader of the Year Award:

Girl Talk is fortunate to have thousands of dedicated high school Leaders around the country who are making a difference in the lives of thousands of middle school girls every day. The rapid growth and success of Girl Talk can be directly attributed to these amazing young women. To honor these young women, Girl Talk has created the National Girl Talk Leader of the Year Award, given in honor of our Founding Sponsor, the Bell Family Foundation. This award is given each spring to a Girl Talk Leader in her senior year who best exemplifies the mission and values of Girl Talk and its Founder, Haley Kilpatrick. Stay tuned for more information about how to nominate yourself or another Leader for this award! 

Ron Bell Family Foundation Inspirational Leader Award:

Ron Bell has demonstrated unwavering support for the mission and values of Girl Talk. As a tribute to Ron’s positive influence on thousands of Girl Talk girls, this award is presented to a young woman who has inspired others through her leadership, her mentoring and her community service.

The Give Love Laugh Scholarship was created to encourage high school Girl Talk Leaders to live a passionate and fulfilling life by creating positive change around them. This scholarship embodies the spirit of both Natural Life and Girl Talk and our shared desire to inspire girls to help make the world a better place. Natural Life and Girl Talk award one applicant a $2,500.00 cash scholarship to aid with her college career! Additionally, five chosen leaders receive $200 worth of inspiring Natural Life treasures for their college room!

2016 Scholarship Award Recipients


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Natalie Cox (Indiana)

National Co-Leader of the Year 

Girl Talk came into my life when I was least expecting it, but I thank my lucky stars each and every day that it did. Three years ago, Mikayla Keen approached me and asked for my help to start a Girl Talk Chapter in our community in Indiana. I looked into it and immediately fell in love. I didn’t really know Mikayla at the time, but now, she has become my best friend. We worked side by side during those three years to build our chapter from the ground up. We started off with only two leaders and nine middle school girls. Now, our Chapter is proud to have ten leaders and more than thirty middle school girls. Mikayla and I joke that Delta LIFE, our Chapter, is “our baby.” At the end of the day, it is the light, soul, and happiness in my life.

Saying that middle school is a hard time is a surprise to no one. Everyone is aware of the issue, but I don’t believe everyone is aware of the severity of the issue. On average, a girl’s confidence peaks at the age of nine. That statistic had to be the turning point for me. When I heard that, I knew that something had to be done in the community for the girls that I was watching grow day by day. Girl Talk provides a safe haven for middle schoolers to just breathe and lift off whatever weight is on their shoulders. It allows for them to grow and develop in a healthy way only bringing the light of positivity into their lives. Even if Delta LIFE is only helping one girl through a rough patch, we are still making that difference.

Before Girl Talk, I liked to volunteer in my community. However, Girl Talk opened a window of opportunities for me to further my service. In our Chapter, we have volunteered for the homeless shelter, held food drives, gathered clothes and supplies for local foster kids, and played Bingo with nursing home residents. Most importantly, Girl Talk taught me how to have a big, welcoming heart. I owe so much to Haley Kilpatrick for creating Girl Talk in this world and to Carrie Martin, the Delta LIFE Advisor, for all of her hard work helping our Chapter to prosper and to touch many hearts. Thank you so much for this blessing as Girl Talk’s Co-National Leader of the Year for 2016. I love nothing more than to share this honor with Mikayla!

In high school, I was very curious, so I got involved in a lot of different organizations covering both ends of the spectrum. I was Historian for the International Thespian Society, Secretary for Student Council, Treasurer for Pep Club, and Secretary for the Senior Class. I also competed on the Math and English Academic Teams, and I was in the musicals through theatre! Now, I am carrying some of those passions on with me to college. I attend Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana, where I am majoring in biochemistry on a pre-med track while minoring in math and biology. I hope to be involved in Student Government, community service organizations, and research groups. I am currently looking to bring Girl Talk Chapters to local high schools in Bloomington because I would love to see Girl Talk continue to grow! Looking toward the future, I plan to graduate from IU and then continue my education in medical school. Twelve years from now I hope to be an OBGYN!

Ryann Lipcon (Georgia)
Ron Bell Family Foundation Inspirational Leader

My name is Ryann Lipcon and this fall I am a freshman at Mississippi State University (Hail State). Four and a half hours away from my home, family, and the town that I love.

My "Girl Talk Story" starts the spring semester of my 8th grade year.  My mom forced my sister and I to go to a book signing at KSU for some lady who wrote some book about drama. Turns out that "some lady" became one of my role models and that “some book” lead me to the greatest thing of my high school career. The following summer I signed up to be a counselor at Girl Talk's Project Inside Out camp and fell in love with the organization. I was able to watch girls transform from caterpillars into butterflies and by helping them do so, I transformed too. My freshman year in high school was full of struggles to start my very own Girl Talk Chapter: finding an Advisor, getting school administration on board, and trying my hardest to make my Chapter reflect the mission and vision of Girl Talk. Freshman year was where I also started my time on Teen Advisory Board (the best decision ever).

Senior year came along and I had an amazing chapter with even more amazing girls, I was President of TAB, and head leader of PIO camp (2nd year in a row). On my last day of camp, Girl Talk awarded me with the Ron Bell Inspirational Leader Award which was a huge blessing and honor. Girl Talk has been such a huge part of my life and has led me to make so many connections with influential people. From meeting woman CEO’s through TAB, to the amazing people on Girl Talk’s Board, I’ve created my own mini network at just 18. It also shaped me into the confident, bright, and loving leader that I am today.

Of course I was involved in more than just Girl Talk during high school. I was in student government, President of the FCCLA chapter at my school, played lacrosse, volunteered at my church, and cheered on our boys at every football game. Being so involved made high school so much more fun. I am so grateful that my little sister, Kendall, shares my passion for Girl Talk. Since leaving for college, she has taken over my Chapter, is on the Teen Advisory Board, and was a counselor at PIO camp.

All the way from Starkville, MS, I am missing Girl Talk just as much as I miss my family. I am studying for a major in Fashion Merchandising with a minor in Business, hoping to become the next head of marketing at J. Crew or Nordstrom’s. I’m planning on getting involved in student government, Roadrunners (tour guides for incoming freshmen), Fashion Board, and being a counselor at New Maroon Camp (a camp for freshmen to learn about MSU). One of the most exciting things about Girl Talk is the sisterhood, which made me want to be in a sorority to carry on that feeling of sisterhood. I am a Delta Gamma and I’m so glad I found my “home away from home”.

Without a doubt, Girl Talk has been one of the top reasons I strive for so much. The women behind the scenes, the girls at camp and in my Chapter, Haley, the speakers who poured into me at camp and through TAB, and so many others that I’ve meet through Girl Talk have influenced me and taught me to be strong, loving, and always hold out a helping hand. I have a passion for people, to support, love and cherish them, and Girl Talk has given me an outlet for that. Unconditional love is what Girl Talk strives to show every girl - it is what they have shown me and it is what I will carry on throughout my life. I couldn’t be prouder to say I was, I am, and will always be a part of Girl Talk, Inc. 

Lyla Lough (Maryland)
Give Love Laugh Scholarship


I started out my senior year as someone who lacked confidence and was shy. My past few years had been some rough spots but I was determined to go out with a bang. I decided to join three clubs on top of National Honors Society; Art Honors Society, Art Guild, and Spanish Honors Society. Due to the multitude of clubs and a busy lifestyle as a high school senior, I was overloaded with a lot of tasks. Girl Talk is what saved me, though.

I found out about Girl Talk through National Art Honors Society when a proposal from a 31 Gives Member caught wind in a weekly meeting; I was the only one who took on the challenge. My Advisor, Mrs. Maria Healy helped guide and support me through creating a new Chapter in the early months of the 2015-2016 school year. We made it our pride and joy to assist the middle school girls who needed the extra help and to watch them grow and learn. Throughout the year, I also learned from the girls. They mentored me and helped me become who I am today: a stronger and more confident young woman.

I applied for the Give, Love, Laugh Scholarship as a last minute decision to make a large difference in the small community of Pylesville, Maryland - and Mrs. Healy, the other teachers, and the girls supported me through it all. We decided to give back to the community in the biggest way but also have fun for a good cause. The Girls Group of Pylesville Chapter coordinated a Middle School Dance to raise money for cancer awareness by making posters, spreading the word, and getting involved. I even got the high school involved and got the students to donate for a great cause!

After losing my father to pancreatic cancer almost four years ago now, this event was tough for me. It is difficult to lose a role model in your life and it is also tough to do that through the middle school years, when there is already so much happening in life as it is. The only way I could climb out of the difficult times was to become a role model myself and to inspire others to become role models as well. I cherished my time with my Chapter and tried to inspire other girls to make a difference as well as be confident in their lives.

I owe so much gratitude towards Girl Talk, 31 Gives, and Natural Life for giving me this opportunity to go on to college and pursue my dream in becoming an ER nurse or a pediatric nurse. The biggest and most impactful thing that I have learned over the past year is to pass it forward. Pass the love and confidence to other girls and other people around you.

I am attending Salisbury University in Maryland as a Nursing major, and I plan to be an Advisor of the Girls Group of Pylesville Chapter, as well as a member of the Girl Talk Chapter Advisory Board.